Dax Sin Sur



Dax was killed in a firefight near monument plaza, Ord City Saturday evening around 12am. He is survived by his friends Nolann, and Dr. Fern Andromeda.

Despite Dax’s near human appearance he has never felt quite at home among them. Taken from his home world of Csilla at an infantile age he began the path of a force wielder. Master Virullen, a wise and beneficent Ithorian, took Dax under his wing to begin his Jedi training. But Virullen was a renegade from the once well-known Jedi academy. Gifted, he studied under the venerable Yoda and Master Windu, but eventually sensed his time with order waning. Shying away from the galactic politics of Coruscant he struck out on his own. Guided by the force he came to the far out-world of Csilla where he intended to make his permanent home. But things did not occur as he had originally imagined. As always, the force had other plans. Training went well up until Dax’s seventh year (19 BBY). It was at this time that a great disturbance occurred in the force. Compelled to assist his brethren Jedi, Virullen left his padawan in haste, and promised that he would soon return. It has been 16 years since the last time Dax saw his master, but in that time his awareness in the force has grown. Armed with the lightsaber that Virullen once gave as a gift, Dax has left the safety of his home; partially to discover the mystery of the missing Jedi, but mostly due to an inner yearning for adventure. From the beginnings of his travels he quickly discovered an unexpected animosity towards those with force powers. Smartly, he has learned to hide his powers (and his lightsaber).

Dax Sin Sur

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