How to Level Up Your Character



1. Do you want to multiclass? Or have a prestige Class?
Remember that class bonuses to defense do not stack (see pg. 36) when you take on a new class. Use the highest bonus to defense given. For multi-class characters “ability increases,” “gaining feats,” and “gaining talents” are gained according to overall character level (not class level),

See page 205 in the main rulebook for requirements for prestige classes. Some requirements are level dependent while others are based upon factors such as base attack bonuses. The other resource guides have details on other potential prestige classes as well.

2. Ability Score Increases:
Every fourth character level obtained you can increase two of your primary ability scores by one (i.e. 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, 20th level). You cannot use both increases for the same ability (i.e. pick either DEX and STR but not STR and STR). These changes are permanent to your characters. After you increase your abilities be sure to make adjustments to your modifiers (provided in the chart below). These modifiers can significantly change many of your abilities.

Ability scores are retroactive. (ex. If you change your INT score from 13 to 14 (which changes the modifier) you immediately gain an additional trained skill and an additional language).This logic can apply to all abilities.

3. Calculate Hit Points:

4. Calculate Force Points:
Unused points from previous level are lost. Every PC gets 5 plus (1/2 total level rounded down).

5. Do you get a new Talent this level?
New talents can be chosen every odd-numbered level obtained (i.e. 3rd level, 5th level, 7th level, 9th level etc.)

6. Base Attack Bonus: Reference the charts below.
If your PC has more than one class make sure to use the base attack bonus from each class then add them together to get your total Base Attack Bonus. Base attack bonus will increase your ability with your chosen weapons.

7. Calculating new weapon skills:
MELEE: 1d20 + base attack bonus + Strength modifier

RANGED: 1d20+ base attack bonus + Dexterity modifier + range penalty

8. Do you get a new Feat this level?
Bonus feats are chosen every even-numbered level obtained (i.e. 2nd level, 4th level, 6th level, 8th level, 10th level etc.) You must meet the prerequisite for these feats chosen. These feats must be chosen from list provided for each class (see chart below). Exception: Nobles do not get a bonus feat at level 14, though they get 2 bonus feats at level 16.

Regular feats: You also gain feats every 3rd level (or in multiples of three) (ex.3rd, 6th, 9th , 12th, 15th, 18th etc.) You do not have to pick these from the list provided in the class section (any of the feats listed in any sourcebook will do).

9. What is your new Damage Bonus?
You get extra damage on both melee and ranged attacks equal to ½ your total character level rounded down. For example a 5th level fighter with a weapon that deals 3d8 points of damage gets a 2 bonus (expressed 3d82).

10. Calculating New Defenses:
When calculating Reflex Defense you can use either your current heroic level or armor bonus whichever is higher (but not both). Remember armor may slow you down or have other negative impacts so evaluate the positives and negatives when deciding on heroic level vs. armor bonus.

Fortitude Defense and Will Defense use your new heroic level only.

11. Does your Damage Threshold change?
As your fortitude defense score increases (see calculating new defenses) so does your Damage Threshold.

12. When can I build a lightsaber (for Jedi only)?
When you reach level 7 you may build your own lightsaber. You must also have the Force Sensitivity Feat and the Weapon Proficiency (Lightsabers) Feat. It will cost 1,500 credits for all of the components (you will need to quest for these items). Each attempt at building takes 24 hours. (see Building a Lightsaber in the highlighted box on page 40 MR for the full details).

13. How do my skills change?
½ of your total character level rounded down is factored into your skill aptitudes. Also, if you have increased any ability scores you will increase the skills related to those scores. You will also want to add in any additional bonuses provided by feats and talents or special modifiers. You can only add new “trained skills” when your INT modifier is increased.

14. Do you get anymore credits this level?
Only Nobles who have the Wealth Talent gain credits with each subsequent level. If this is true for you then you will gain 5000 x your noble class level.

15. Learn new languages?
You can learn one new language per turn by increasing your INT ability modifiers.

How to Level Up Your Character

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