On his home world of Trandosha, Varik was a hunter, just like his father, and his father before him. Around the campfire, as a young reptile Varik had always heard the stories of the fierce Mandalorian warriors who long opposed the Jedi Knights and maintained a powerful presence in the galaxy. Drawn by wanderlust upon his coming of age, his family paid for his passage to the planet Mandalore, where he enlisted as a soldier. But the Mandalore of ancient lore, and the Mandalore that he found, were no longer the same reality. Beleaguered by the resource hungry Empire, the Mandalorians were being suppressed under the threat of Imperial invasion. The once proud military was splintering and was soon to be crushed under the weight of the Empire. Fearing that he would be caught in the midst of the conflict, never to return to his home world of Trandosha, he fled the Mandalorian Army with a group of defectors. Upon freedom, the company quickly dispersed into the unknown. Not knowing where to go next, one soldier, a scout named Davith was leaving for the city planet of Coruscant. Varik decided to accompany him, and they have been companions ever since.

It was not a hard decision for Varik to leave for Coruscant. He had long enjoyed family stories of his grandfather Auressk the Jedi Hunter, and how the heads of 20 Jedi knights were proudly mounted on the walls of his home. Despite the Empire’s official stance that all Jedi were killed during the great purge, there have been rumors that some still hide among the multitudes of the Coruscant populace. Varik realized it would bring great honor to his family if he were to return home with the head of a Jedi.



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