Schlick Rogozhin

Private investion broker/Airspeeder cab driver


Standing six feet four, Schlick has a tall but thin frame. He wears leather riding boots and riding jacket. His hairs is black though closely cropped with a growing widows perch. Schlick also commonly wears a goatee and mustache.


Schlick’s no nonsense demeanor is disconcerting to some and refreshing to others. Driving an airspeeder cab has been his career for the last fifteen years. Its not a great job, but its a living and it has come with some unexpected perks. In those fifteen years Schlick made connections all across Coruscant which has translated into various forms of work. Now firmly established in the information business, Schlick coordinates all manner of discreet operations. Clients are the basis of his success and he works hard to protect their confidentiality.

Schlick Rogozhin

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