Spending his formative years exploring his home world of Mandalore, Davith developed important skills as a woodsman and survivalist. Once he came of age, he joined the Mandalorian army with hopes to eventually enter special ops. But before his training could be completed, the specter of the Imperial machine began to loom over Mandalore. It was immediately understood that the Empire, in its unending quest for galactic supremacy, would exploit the planets ore resources, and in turn brutally subjugate the populace. Seeing the writing on the wall, Davith and several of his compatriots defected off-world while the opportunity still existed. Through many hardships and sacrifice, he was able to escape the clutches of the Empire.

Ironically, he eventually found an awkward asylum on the city planet of Coruscant, the center of Imperial Civilization. Due to the massive size and population of Imperial Center he has been able to live his life anonymously among the trillions of Imperialized denizens. The choice to live here was not an arbitrary decision. Supplied with the knowledge that Coruscant was once his distant ancestors’ planet of origin, he came to the city planet as a means of exploring his biological heritage.

Upon freedom, most of his company dispersed to the winds, except for one, a trandoshan named Varik. Ever since defection Varik has served as Davith’s sole companion in an unknown and foreign world.



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