Dr. Fern Andromeda


Tall, beautiful, with pale skin and long white flowing hair. Her sense of style and air of confidence signals a possible aristocratic origin. Unlike most other humans her eyes are a deep purple. This is an evolutionary variation common to humans from her home world of Vykos.


As a matter of happenstance Dr. Andromeda never intended to come to the city planet of Coruscant. Traveling off-world from Vykos to the far outer rim she began her career in medicine. Following in the disastrous wake of the Empire, she hopped from system to system aiding those in need. The nature of her job included finding cheap transport which sometimes meant making sketchy arrangements. Even though she came from an affluent family, typically carrying a large sum of credits, a lot of her money is spent on altruistic endeavors (and medical equipment). Dr. Andromeda’s last voyage began on the cargo vessel Spicers Flight under the guidance of a Duro captain named Valesh. Upon contracting passage with the crew she informed them that her next stop was the planet of Corellia. Given the crews bad fluency in Galaxy basic, Captain Velesh misunderstood the destination for the planet Coruscant. As of this moment she has been on Coruscant for two weeks. Intrigued by the monolithic spires that command far into the atmosphere, and the upbeat pace of the galaxy center she decided to stay for a while and explore. While eating at a local restaurant Fern encountered a small Duro by the name of Nolann. Since her current predicament was caused by a break in translation she decided to learn a few words in Duros to perhaps stem any future confusion.

Dr. Fern Andromeda

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