Eli Toboko



Eli Toboko was killed during a firefight at Monument Plaza, Ord City Saturday evening around 12am. She is survived by her friends Nolann and Dr. Fern Andromeda.

As many of her kind Eli originally hailed from the planet Bothawui. Indoctrinated early in the ways of espionage she continues to make her family proud. Preferring the life of travel and leisure she took up the profession of offworld scout. From time to time a member of her spynet contacts her with new temporary employment; whether that be tracking some individual or conducting espionage. Between spynet missions she prefers to earn her living with various odd jobs (associated with the espionage business). Her primary Bothan contact from the spy network is named Soth Melank. She has been a wise mentor and accommodates Eli when in need. Currently she have been doing contract work for Hutt gangsters from Nar Shadda. Her recent quarry, a band of Rodian smugglers, led her to the planet Coruscant where she has been keeping them under tight surveillance. This hasn’t been her typical scouting job however. Twice her cover has almost been blown while the heat continues to rise. Hutt Gangsters as she knows also do not make good clients, for they often renege on their promises. She have been contemplating ditching the assignment altogether, and instead giving herself a little vacation on the city planet.

Eli Toboko

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