Days of Empires Glory

Meeting the Scumbag Ortho

The First Mission

Mission location:* Ord City, located in the northern hemisphere of Coruscant, approximately 60 km west of Imperial Center

Log Entry:

As the airspeeder taxi rises ever higher towards the upper most levels of traffic, the chilling rain splattering on the windshield obscures the urban galaxy center below. The nighttime City lights play on the raindrops in uneven patterns making it is difficult to see outside. Only the imposing shapes of passing buildings can be partially discerned. Brake lights from the traffic up ahead fill the windscreen in a motley blur. Occasionally the driver makes quick evasive actions to avoid hitting other vehicles. Nolann the squirmy green and bluish skinned Duros sits in the front passenger seat while Dax Sin Sur, Kratos, and Dr. Fern Andromeda sit crammed into the back of the floating aircab.

Of course, this is not the first time that this motley crew has ridden in this particular air cab, nor are these four unfamiliar with its driver Schlick Rogozhin, a full-time cab-driver/part-time private investigation broker. Tonight he asked that they join him for a quick ride above the Coruscant skyline.

After making a wide arching turn from the main body of traffic, the airspeeder approaches what appears to be a new skyscraper looming in the distance. Hanging on the skeletal frame of massive durasteel girders, a construction droid methodically goes about completing its work. As the cab approaches Schlick gently engages the repulsor thrusters to land the air cab in between two unfinished floors. A soft mist flows into the pillow of air between steel girders as the patter of rain conceals the sound of traffic below. Schlick motions the group to follow and steps out of the airspeeder into the cold precipitous air. There are no walls, only durasteel girders, leaving wide open spaces into the endless city below. It is about 8:00 PM.

Called together by the mysterious private investigation broker Schlick Rogozhin, the team met to discuss the details of their first mission: to infiltrate the private office of Dien Mestra, CEO of Chem Corp. Their goal, as proposed by Schlick, was to retrieve the companies secret financial data. As always Schlick expressed his desire to maintain client confidentiality of the hiring party. The mission plan was as follows: Mestra is always visited on every third Friday evening by Moff Kalast. Kalast invariably hands Mestra a cylinder wrapped in brown paper. Then at approximately 6pm, both leave to attend a regularly occurring shockboxing-match. The event typically lasts past 11PM. Kalast always travels in a miniature Corellian Corvette which he parks on the landing platform outside of Mestra’s penthouse. Since he routinely travels from the far out system of Ord Janon it is not uncommon for a team of mechanics from the Corellian Engineering Corporation(CEC) to do preventative maintenance checks. In the small window of time that is allotted, Schlick has asked the characters to infiltrate the building posing as mechanics from the CEC, locate a portion of the company‚Äôs financial data(located in Mestra’s private office), and retrieve the small mysterious cylinder. While it is preferred that the mission be conducted with the highest level of stealth and discretion it is understood that some collateral damage is to be expected. After receiving instructions, the party left to meet with a black-market dealer known colloquially as The Scumbag Ortho. Ortho provided the troop with uniforms from the CEC as well as ID badges for visual inspection. He gave further instruction, advising that the key to the penthouse elevator could be found in the maintenance quarters.

After Schlick dropped the party off at Crown Estates (a section of tenement housing reserved for non-humans), they immediately left for Ortho’s. Taking a large public lift down to the Workman’s district in the lower city levels, the areas rancid smells and filth signified a certain degree of neglect on the part of the local government. The lift was colored a dark red, with brown smudges, and graffiti and was illuminated by a single glow lamp dangling in the center. Nolann discovered vomit in one of the lifts corners.

The opening tunnel into the Workman’s district was cool and dank, with precipitation coalescing into large puddles. Stores lit with neon lights and accessed by recessed doorways, lined the tunnel walls. After passing by the entrance to a droid repair shop Nolann, Dax, and Fern heard a commotion occurring down the passageway to the left. Kratos was oblivious however, since he was busy contemplating the various shops. Following the noise down the left passageway the party discovered a small Bothan female being accosted by two large nikto, a rodian, and a drunk Duros. They obviously wanted something that she was holding, and planned to take her back to their boss. Pleading with the party for assistance, Nolann, Fern, Dax, and Kratos offered their help to the Bothan. Fern amazed the other party members with her cold skill with a blaster. After quickly dispatching the party of miscreants, Eli Tobokointroduced herself and asked to tag along. Then they went to make their visit with Ortho.

After entering the store called “Ortho’s Repair Shop” the troop was surprised to see a destroyer droid to their right. Fearing battle they quickly armed themselves, only to discover that the droideka had been disarmed and was chained to a pipe. Behind the desk immediately in front of them they found a short grotesque fat man. He was wearing a large magnifying glass attached to a headband around his bald head, which made his right eye look enormous. Over top his dirty wife-beater, he wore a long heavy dark leather apron (typical of artisans). His whiney voice and sickly appearance was immediately caustic to the eyes and ears of the observers. Quickly gathering their mission items, the team left for Nolann’s apartment in Crown Estates.

The drop off at Chem Corp on Friday night went exactly as planned. After a brief confrontation with the security guards in the first floor lobby they used the building’s computer system to find the maintenance quarter in the basement. After passing an oblivious maintenance worker, the party worked quickly to find the keys to Mestra’s penthouse. After slashing a strong box full of hydrospanners with his lightsaber, Dax quickly moved towards an area with maids carts and cleaning supplies and found the appropriate lock box for the keys. Now with the keys, the party moved to Mestra’s penthouse where they encountered a TC Series protocol butler droid. Fearing that time was being spent too frivolously, they attacked the poor defenseless droid by chopping his head off. Within Mestra’s home they found a considerable collection of antiquities as well as unfinished paintings. Mestra is apparently an artist and collector. After spending a couple of hours searching the large house they discovered a secret vault in Mestra’s office. They have yet to find the cylinder wrapped in brown paper. By 9PM the mission was not completed.


Sound’s like things were off to a great start. I really enjoyed all of the great descriptions given in this right-up. Look forward to reading more.



Meeting the Scumbag Ortho

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