Days of Empires Glory

The Conclusion to the Scumbag Ortho Mission

As the secret door swung open into the dark inner vault, the adventureres stood amid the scattered books, chairs, and files in Dien Mestra’s ransacked office. Fearing the darkness before them the characters lit a glow stick before entering. However, they discovered their fears to be unwarranted. To their left on the wall was a light switch. It was a small and bland room with white walls and no features. Immediately before them were filing cabinets labeled with ranges of dates. Following the labels the characters soon found the filing cabinet containing the ledgers they were seeking. Opening the drawer they found small rectangular data devices about the size of a human pinky. The small brown cylinder wrapped in brown paper was nowhere to be seen.

Deciding to make a visit to the Corellian Corvette parked outside the penthouse the team made their through the grand foyer and into the kitchen. Through the glass doors the rumbling sounds of the corvettes engines pulsed with a steady hum. Across the green lawn two soldiers dressed in the regalia of the Imperial Navy stood guarding the entry-plank. Carefully, making their way out the glass doors and across the penthouse garden Nolann and the others calmly approached the guards. Not expecting visitors the soldiers tensed slightly increasing the grip upon their blaster rifles.

Dressed in the navy blue mechanic jumpsuits of the Corellian Engineering Corporation Nolann began.

“We were called here for rountine maintenance of this ship, Can we enter?”

“I don’t recall orders for a mechanic crew I will have to clear it with the captain.”

“That’s hardly necessary, this is just a routine call. We come here every third Friday of the month.” Dax interjected.

“The captain always briefs us before maintenance inspections, one second” the guard fumbled in his pocket then pulling out a small silver comlink “Captain, some mechanics from the Corellian Engineering Corporation are here to do maintenance.”

“Mechanics?” the filtered voice queried. “I’ll be right down.”

After waiting about a minute or so a tall white haired man with a long face and sharp features, wearing the typical Imperial Navy officer’s uniform exited the ships hatch. In the nook of his left arm, he held a small brown cylinder wrapped in brown paper.

“I didn’t call for maintenance, who sent you?”

“The CEC’s maintenance headquarters, this is a routine call. It’s company policy to make courtesy calls to our best customers.” Eli Toboko offered.

“You aren’t the normal crew. We’ll have to call your headquarters to clear it.”

“That’s hardly necessary,” Nolann waved his right hand in a long arc “Headquarters will tell you the same thing. The CEC recognizes Moff Kalast as a valued customer.”

A shadow of disdain darkened the captain’s face. “Moff Kalast? This is an unlisted flight. I don’t believe who you say you are.”

And with that the Captain pulled a heavy blaster pistol from his side holster and aimed it directly at Nolann’s head. “Lietenant , cuff these creatures, they have some answering to do.”

And with that, the guards closed in to grab Nolann. Squirming away the small Duros evaded the imperials grasp. Fern Andromeda took the first action, carefully drawing her pistol from the concealed holster then firing. In the confusion the shot went wide, glancing off the hull of the ship. From behind Dax drew his lightsaber and hacked at the assaulting guardsmen. Seeing the soft glow of the ancient weapon flash in the darkness the captain screamed in bewilderment “It’s Jedi scum, Kill him!.” Turning their attention to the new threat all three imperials gunned for the Chiss armed with the lightsaber. Momentarily the Captain forgot his duty as the small wrapped cylinder dropped from his arm. Seizing the opportunity the sly Nolann reached down to grab the mysterious package. Eli then Kratos fired upon soldiers. The fighting continued for several minutes as each side traded fire. Unfortunately for this band of mercanaries, the Imperials proved to be deadly adversaries. Dropping both Dax and Dr. Andromeda unconsciously to the deck, Eli fumbled for the emergecy transmitter locator given them by Schlick. After a few more minutes fighting a taxi-cab rose over the side railing of the building’s roof landing perpindicular to the larger ship.

“Lets get going!” the driver yelled from the airspeeder.

Courageously under fire Nolann and Kratos dragged both Dr. Andromeda and Dax to the nearby speeder. Eli made cover fire as the fleeing infiltrators climbed into the transport. Lifting away from the roof, blaster fire glanced off the speeder’s hull as the team sped away into the night. That evening the characters returned to Crown estates where the party remained for a weeks worth of rest.



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